Our focus

In our European Research and Development Centre we have two areas of focus.


Our co-creation approach develops breakthrough innovations with our partners.

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People & Labs

Our labs are present across Europe, located in key areas related to our work.

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Case Study

Advanced Driver Assistance System for Trams and Metros

Our prototype HORA (Hitachi autonOmous stReet cArs) aims to revolutionize public rail transport by introducing cutting-edge technology supporting safe, efficient, and increasingly autonomous tram operation.

Case Study

ERAS – The solution that watches out for lone rail maintenance workers’ safety

Meet ERAS (lonE woRker sAfety Solution) - A new wearable accident detection system using on-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and geolocated alerts to increase safety of lone workers maintaining rail transport infrastructure.

Case Study

Easy boarding – Passenger flow optimisation

The ‘Easy Boarding’ optimisation engine mitigates delays, by taking passenger boarding and alighting data in real-time and visualising the optimal waiting positions for passengers on the platform.