What is vision design?

Vision Design is a method that we use to understand and envision various futures that could occur. We do not try and tie a confidence to these envisioned futures, but try to understand which of these futures Hitachi can have a positive influence on to make this future a reality.

At a high level, our ultimate goal is to create the future by designing & developing new technologies & services that make the world better. 

At each stage, we collaborate with researchers, business units and domain experts.

There are 3 steps

  1. Capture the future
  2. Envision the future
  3. Create the future

1. Capture the future

We capture the future by creating lenses to envision the future. We do this by collecting signs through research to identify changes in societal values and behaviour. We call these lenses Kizashi.

To view out past Kizashi, click here.

To view our Kizashi about Post-COVID society visions, click here.

2. Envision the future

We use our future lenses (Kizashi) to look at various domains and try to envision how societal values behaviours will change in these domains. Envision futures take the form of illustrations and detailed descriptions of future scenarios.

3. Create the future

By working closely with stakeholders, we facilitate workshops during which we use our lenses to ideate new solution ideas, products and business opportunities. The development of these transition us to our envisioned futures.


Our co-creation approach develops breakthrough innovations with our partners.

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